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Digitalize Your Practice

Using our digitized version of patient intake forms and office forms integrated in your website, you are guaranteed to save time, reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity.

Aim of AimersDoc

We strive to deliver happiness to health care and dental practices so that they can bring happiness to their patients. Our goal is to provide practices with user-friendly websites and integrate HIPAA-compliant office and patient forms, making it easier for you to streamline your workflow.

Highlights of AimersDoc

Website Designing

HIPAA Compliant Forms

Website Embedded Forms

Electronic Signatures

PDF Export

Easy Uploads

Customized For Your Office

Multilingual Forms

Boost New Patient Conversions with Your Website

AimersDoc integrates HIPAA-compliant forms into your website, giving patients and staff seamless communication. Our website design services help you grow your practice by being both patient and search engine friendly.

Boost your team's productivity

Cool Number

Average Monthly Hour Saving

Cool Number

Average Monthly Cost Savings ($)

Improves Practice Efficiency

Take your practice to new heights! AimersDoc puts the tools and features at your fingertips to quickly and securely give you access to electronic forms that comply with HIPAA regulations. We help practices where:

  • The patient is required to fill out a paper form during the appointment
  • The patients get a PDF or Word Doc to print, fill out, scan, and mail back
  • The front desk has to print, transcribe and scan paper forms


Reduce Waiting Time

Boosts Website Traffic

Enhances Front Desk Operations

Ditch Clipboards

Simplified Patient Intake

Saves On Stationery

Eliminates Paper & Office Clutter

Eco Friendly Practice

Online Submissions and Increasing Every Second